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Our Dojo

School Oath

“I will use my Martial Arts Training only when reasoning fails. If I’m forced to retaliate, I’ll fulfill my legal and moral obligation by using the least amount of force needed to prevail”.

Student Creeds

  1. ATTITUDE, I will always have a positive attitude.
  2. RESPECT, I will always be courteous and considerate.
  3. DISCIPLINE, I will always strive to import my skills and knowledge.
  4. SELF-CONTROL, I will always have control of my emotions and actions.
  5. EFFORT, I will always do my best with intensity and focus.
  6. CONFIDENCE, I will always believe in myself and my potential.
  7. DEDICATION, I will always follow the principles of Black Belt Excellence.
  8. CHARACTER, I will always carry myself in a positive manner and use my skills responsibly.
  9. PATIENCE, I will always be calm, composed and understanding.
  10. HUMILITY, I will always be supportive of my fellow students and instructors.

We are a Black Belt School. We are dedicated! We are motivated! We are on a quest to be our best!