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Class Topics

Kenpo Strikes and Kicks


Students will practice basic kicking and punching drills appropriate to their rank, initially starting with our five basic kicks, strikes, blocks and elbows.

Students will learn how to kiai loud and powerful, how to use rotation/pivots to their advantage, and how to apply intensity/focus to their attack.

Sweeps & Takedowns


Students will learn how to fall properly to avoid injury. Many techniques will contain sweeps, takedowns, or groundwork. Students will learn how to "slap out" to absorb energy and avoid injured elbows and limbs.

Students will be expected to learn forward rolls and backward rolls as well as basic jiujitsu ground fighting.

Combinations & Techniques


Students will be challenged to learn custom fighting combinations unique to our school which have been developed by Professor Lima and his senior black belt staff.

These combinations help develop the students reaction time and build their own defensive solutions to get out of danger fast.

Kata, Pinan, Heian, & Weapon


Students will progress through the Kenpo forms known as Pinan and Kata. These forms will teach students basic kicking and punching drills in a choreographed manner. Students will learn the origin of the forms as well as the Bunkai (breakdown analysis) of how the form is executed.

As they advance, students will learn weapon forms using the bo and nunchucks. Black belts will be introduced to the broad sword, tonfa, kama, and sai forms.

Advanced students achieving the rank of Black Belt will also begin to learn the Shotokan Heian forms to advance their study of the Martial Arts.



At the end of each month students will be expected to spar with their classmates to gain confidence in defending themselves. This non-point based sparring prepares students to breath properly while under pressure, to hold their guard up for protection and how to use space and angles properly.

New students will be introduced to sparring slowly with "one step" practice to gain confidence and technique.

Self Defense & Fighting Techniques


Students will learn self defense techniques for choke holds, wrist grabs, bear hugs, arm bars and many other common holds/locks. They will practice fighting techniques for attackers advancing with punches, kicks and martial weapons like clubs and knives.

Advanced students will learn defense from guns and additional knife attacks. They will learn to breaking out of choke holds against the wall, on their back and other potentially compromising positions.

The speed of the attacker will increase as the student becomes more proficient.

Leg Exercises
Students will become conditioned with stretching and exercise!

Respect, History & Tradition

Instilling Values


Your child will learn respect, self-control, focus, discipline and humility.

These core values represent our Dojo. Children will learn the school creeds and the school oath. They will learn how to utilizes the values in their everyday life and grow to be more respectful teenagers.

Children 12+ years will be evaluated for integration into the teenage/adult classes. Younger students can be recognized by their junior belt rank (their rank color with a black stripe through the center).

Group promotions held every three months.
History & Tradition


Teenagers and Adults will be expected to learn some of the history of the martial arts in and beyond Kenpo. They will learn the school family tree and understand where the forms and techniques were developed.

Professor Lima has trained with professors in Kenpo, Jujitsu, Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu, Aikido, Kung Fu and many others. He is always encouraging students to learn more and is ready to share the knowledge he has gained in his 40+ years in the Martial Arts.

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