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Professor Alfonso R. Lima was born in Terceira Azores, (Portugal) in 1958. Mr. Lima started his Martial Arts training at the age of fifteen. His first years were devoted to Kenpo Karate. In 1978 Mr. Lima enlisted in the Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps Mr. Lima was fortunate to study with one of the leading practitioners of traditional Okinowan Isshinryu Karate. At the request of his superiors he was asked to assist in the training of U.S. Marines in hand to hand combat. Upon completion of active duty he continued to train Marines in a reserve status until his discharge from the Marines.

Mr. Lima continued to study Kenpo Karate, and after attaining his Black Belt he opened his school in 1980 in Lowell , MA. In the winter of 1989 he moved his school from Lowell, MA to New Hampshire and in January of 1990 he opened his school to the public. Mr. Lima has also studied Boxing, Kickboxing and some Kung-Fu. He has participated in numerous tournaments, demonstrations and seminars. Shihan Lima is a member of the International Independent Martial Artist’s Association, a Black Belt Hall Of Fame member of the World Martial Arts Federation and in 2006 was selected Kenpo Master Instructor Of The Year. With over thirty-five years of martial arts experience and over thirty years of teaching experience it is Mr. Lima’s personal goal to educate the community about the Martial Arts and its many benefits.