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A dojo is a place in which people practice the martial arts together. In Japanese, “dojo” refers to the place where one trains “in the way”. The “way” is a theme of life. The power behind the dojo is what the dojo tells us about ourselves. The dojo is a place where we awaken our body, grow the self, and unite with our spirit through rigorous and committed training. Here we nurture a passion to learn, teach and ultimately to feel alive. It is in this place, beyond time, that our true nature speaks to us. This place is more than just a physical building in which to practice; it is a ceremonial center for facing one’s weakness and for cultivating the seeds of one’s power. Entering this place is like entering another world where our social identity is nothing but a useless obstacle. It is a place where once the invisible ceremonial border is crossed, we remember who we truly are.

Martial arts’ training has several benefits to trainees, such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Martial arts instill in its practitioners a sense of discipline and self-control, as well as confidence, coordination, power, and speed. The martial arts will teach you how to handle aggression and respond accordingly and is highly recommended for children. Through systematic practice of the martial arts, a person’s strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination can be improved. Beyond physical fitness, martial arts’ training also benefits one’s mental well-being by boosting self-esteem, aiding with self-control and learning patience, humility and confidence.

The Dojo

Al Lima’s Studio of Self Defense is where students learn traditional martial arts principles and practical self-defense techniques. Lessons are designed to prepare the student on how to respond to a confrontation or even an assault in today’s environment. Students learn traditional bare hand and weapons techniques as well as the basics of kick-boxing, boxing, grappling, jiu jitsu, stick fighting and the soft aspects of the martial arts.

We offer each student the opportunity to learn and teach the martial arts through our leadership programs. We are a family oriented school and encourage parent/student participation by way of student progress reports, the school newsletter, student merit program, small classes and individual attention. We recognize effort with a student of the month award, and offer further development through the black belt club and the demonstration team.

To make coming to the dojo easier, we offer family discounts, monthly or term programs, unlimited classes, a flexible class schedule and all our classes are taught by a certified black belt instructor. Most credit cards are accepted.

We invite you to call or stop by the school to take advantage of our TWO WEEK FREE trial program.

The Dojo

School Oath

“I will use my Martial Arts Training only when reasoning fails. If I’m forced to retaliate, I’ll fulfill my legal and moral obligation by using the least amount of force needed to prevail”.

Student Creeds

  1. ATTITUDE, I will always have a positive attitude.
  2. RESPECT, I will always be courteous and considerate.
  3. DISCIPLINE, I will always strive to import my skills and knowledge.
  4. SELF-CONTROL, I will always have control of my emotions and actions.
  5. EFFORT, I will always do my best with intensity and focus.
  6. CONFIDENCE, I will always believe in myself and my potential.
  7. DEDICATION, I will always follow the principles of Black Belt Excellence.
  8. CHARACTER, I will always carry myself in a positive manner and use my skills responsibly.
  9. PATIENCE, I will always be calm, composed and understanding.
  10. HUMILITY, I will always be supportive of my fellow students and instructors.

We are a Black Belt School. We are dedicated! We are motivated! We are on a quest to be our best! 

The Dojo

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