Corwin Defeo



NIDAN (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Corwin started his martial arts training in June, 2007. He joined Al Lima’s Studio Of Self-Defense in November, 2012. In September, 2013 he earned his Jr. Black Belt and title of Jr. assistant instructor. In April 2018 Mr. Defeo earned his 2nd Degree Blackbelt.

Corwin is currently a Jr. assistant instructor and a dedicated martial arts student. He has participated in numerous seminars and demonstrations and is an integral part of the inner workings of the school serving it and it’s students in many capacities. You can find Corwin assisting or taking a class throughout the week or assisting his own classes on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings under the guidance of his instructors. He is working hard to earn his next rank and one day hopes to become an instructor. Corwin’s dedication and commitment is one of the reasons for the continued growth and success of Al Lima’s Studio Of Self-Defense. Shihan Lima invites you to stop by the school anytime and say hello to Corwin.

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